Ar-Namys (Dignity)

Published 13th October, 2011

Ar-Namys or Dignity was founded in 1999 by the former Vice President Feliks Kulov. It describes itself as conservative and pro-Russian.

In the lead up to the 2000 elections the party established itself as the main opposition and was harassed by the government and stopped from standing because it had not been in existence for a year.

As a result it merged with the Democratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan (DDK) but this too was blocked from contesting the election.

In 2004 the party joined the For Fair Elections alliance in readiness for the 2005 elections; these were fought but the results were overtaken by the Tulip Revolution.

The party fought the 2007 election but did not receive representation. However, in 2010 they stood again and this time they took 25 of the 120 seats in the Supreme Council.

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