Ata-Jurt (Fatherland)

Published 13th October, 2011

Ata-Jurt or Ata-Zhurt, also known as Fatherland was founded in December 2004 by ex Ambassador Roza Otunbayeva along with three other opposition parliamentarians in readiness for the 2005 general election.

The 2005 elections, although they took place, were negated by the Tulip Revolution and it wasn’t until 2007 that further elections were held. By that time Otunbayeva had left to join the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan and Ata-Jurt were unsuccessful in achieving representation.

By 2010, following the toppling of President Bakiyev in the April, another general election was held in the October. Ata-Jurt stood on a ticket of restoring Bakiyev to the presidency and also restoring an executive presidency rather than the parliamentary democracy a referendum had approved in the June.

In the 2010 election Ata-Jurt won the largest number of seats, taking 28 of the 120 seats in the Supreme Council or Jogorku Kengesh. In the December they joined a coalition government which, in effect brought to a conclusion any changes back to a executive president. Their leader, Akhmatbek Keldibekov, was elected the Speaker of Parliament.

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