Lao People’s Revolutionary Party

Published 7th April, 2011

The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party or LPRP traces its origins back to 1930 when the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) was formed by Ho Chi Minh. The ICP grew throughout French Indochina and in 1935 the first Lao members joined.

In 1951 the ICP was wound up and a small nucleus of Lao communists formed the Lao People’s Party (LPP) in 1955. The LPP was renamed the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party at its second party congress in 1972.

In 1957, 1962 and 1973 the LPF entered into coalition governments but in 1975 was strong enough to seize power and at that time all other political parties were banned.

In the 1980s the LPRP decided to introduce market reforms and reduce controls over state owned firms. These reforms were continued into the 1990s and mirror the approach taken in China, however there is no question of political reforms.

The politburo and central committee are the two policy making bodies. The party congress meets every five years and 9th Congress was held from 18th March 2011.

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