For a Good Latvia

Published 23rd August, 2011

For a Good Latvia or PLL is an alliance of two parties, the People’s Party and the Latvia’s First Party/Latvian Way (LPP/LC). The two parties did badly in early 2011 because they were tagged as the oligarchs party after a series of alleged corruption scandals.

Subsequently on 9th July 2011 the People’s Party voted to disband itself as it faced a financial crisis. The People’s Party had been a member party of the European People’s Party with one seat in the European Parliament.

Latvia’s First Party/Latvian Way (Latvijas Pirmā Partija/Latvijas Ceļš or LPP/LC) is a union of the Latvia’s First Party (LPP), Latvian Way (LC), We for our District and Vidzeme Union. In 2002 they won ten seats and again in 2006 they won ten seats in the 100 seat Saeima. In 2010 they stood with the People’s Party under the ‘For a good Latvia’ and won eight seats.

On 5th August 2011 the party decided to rename itself and is now known as Slesers’ Reform Party/LPP/LC.

The LPP/LC is a member of Liberal International and the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.

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