Latvian Farmers’ Union

Published 23rd August, 2011

The Latvian Farmers’ Union is the modern descendent of the party which was founded in 1917 and which was a prominent party up to 1940 when it was banned. The party reformed in 1990 as a centrist agrarian party.

In the 1993 general election the LZS won 12 of the 100 seats in the Saeima. In 1995 they joined forces with the Christian Democratic Union and won eight seats, but in 1998 they managed just 2.5% of the votes and were not represented in parliament.

By 2002 they formed the Union of Greens and Farmers with the Latvian Green Party and won 12 seats, increasing this to 18 seats in 2006 and 22 seats (of which they hold 13) in 2010.

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