Reform Party

Published 23rd August, 2011

The Reform Party was founded by former president Valdis Zatlers on 23rd July 2011 and was known as Zatler’s Reform Party until it changed its name in April 2012.

On 1st June 2001 the then President Valdis Zatlers announced that he was proposing to dissolve the 10th Saeima just seven months after the previous general election. He based his reason on the refusal of parliament to lift immunity from an opposition MP (one of the so called oligarchs) who was being investigated by the Latvian anti-corruption agency. A week later the president failed in his bid to be re-elected by parliament.

On 23rd July around 94% of those who voted in the subsequent referendum voted to dissolve parliament leading to the 17th September general election. The same day Zatlers formed his new party which stood on an anti-corruption centre right policy platform. Early polls showed the party on around 33% of the vote.

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