Political Parties in Lebanon

Published 13th March, 2011

Below is a list of political parties in Lebanon.  This is a preliminary list and will be followed with a more detailed history of the parties.

Major bloc parties

March 14 Alliance

Future Movement Bloc (Lebanon First Bloc) (Tayyar Al Mustaqbal) (FM)

Progressive Socialist Party (Hizb al-Taqadummi al-Ishtiraki)

Lebanese Forces (al-Quwāt al-Lubnāniyya) (LF)

Lebanese Kata’eb (Phalanges) Party (Hezb al-Kata’eb al-Ishtiraki al-Dimuqrati) [Also known as the Lebanese Social Democratic Party] (LSDP)

Democratic Renewal Movement (Harakat al-Tajaddod al-Dimoqrati) (DRM)

Democratic Left (ĥarakatu-l-yasāri-d-dimuqrātī) (HYD)

Tripoli Bloc

Lebanese National Bloc (Al-Kettleh Al-Wataniyyah Al-Lubnaniyah) (NB)

Free Shia Movement (Tayyar el- Shi’i el-Horr) (LPP)

Social Democratic Hunchakian Party (Hizb al-Henchag) (SDHP)

Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar Party) (ADL)


March 8 Alliance

Hezbollah (ḥizbu-Ilah)  

Amal Movement (Harakat Amal)

Syrian Social Nationalist Party (al-hizb al-Qawmi al-souri al ijtima’i) (Also referred to as: Parti Populaire Syrien or Parti Social Nationaliste Syrien) (SSNP)

Ba’ath Party (Reddyah)

Progressive Socialist Party (al-hizb al-Taqadummi al-Ishtiraki) (PSP)

Lebanese Communist Party (Hizb ash-shuy‘uī al-lubnānī) (LCP)

People’s Movement (Harakat-el-shaab)

Glory Movement (Harakat Majd)

Lebanese Democratic Party (Hizb al-democraty al-lubnany) (LDP)

Arab Democratic Party (al-Hizb al-‘Arabi al-Dimuqrati) (PDA)

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Hay Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsutiun or Hay Heghapokhakan Dashnaktsutyun) (Tashnag) (TAO)

Minor bloc parties

Change and Reform

Free Patriotic Movement (Tayyar Al-Watani Al-Horr)  

Marada Movement (Tayyar Al-Marada)  

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Lebanese Democratic Party Al-Hizb al-Jumhury al-lubnāni) (PRL)

Skaff Bloc (At-Takattol al-Shaa’bi)


Other parties

Democratic Gathering

Development and Resistance bloc

Loyalty to the Resistance

The Unity of the Mountain

Bloc of the Nationalist Parties

Tachnaq Party

Green Party of Lebanon (Hezb al Khodor al-Lubnani) (GPL)

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