Cabinet of Lebanon

Saad Hariri Prime Minister
Ghassan Hasbani Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health
Marwan Hamadeh Minister of Education and Higher Learning
Talal Erslan Minister of the Displaced
Ghazi Zeaiter Minister of Agriculture
Michel Pharaon State Minister for Planning Affairs
Ali Qansou State Minister for Parliament Affairs
Ali Hassan Khalil Minister of Finance
Mohammed Fneish Minister of Youth and Sport
Jean Oghassabian State Minister for Women’s Affairs
Yaaqoub al-Sarraf Minister of Defence
Jebran Bassil Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates
Hussein al-Hajj Hassan Minister of Industry
Salim Jreissaty Minister of Justice
Nuhad al-Mashnouq Minister of Interior and Municipalities
Mohammed Kabbara Minister of Labour
Ayman Shqeir State Minister of Human Rights
Jamal al-Jarrah Minister of Telecommunications
Moein al-Merehbi State Minister for Refugee Affairs
Ghattas Khoury Minister of Culture
Pierre Raffoul State Minister for Presidency Affairs
Nicoula Tueini State Minister for Combating Corruption
Tareq al-Khatib Minister of Environment
Inaya Ezzeddine State Minister for Administrative Development
Youssef Finianos Minister of Public Works and Transport
Melhem Riachi Minister of Information
Pierre Bou Assi Minister of Social Affairs
Ouadis Kedenian Minister of Tourism
Cesar Abi Khalil Minister of Energy and Water
Raed Khoury Minister of Economy and Trade

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