National Democratic Party of Liberia

Published 15th September, 2011

The National Democratic Party of Liberia was founded in 1984 by members of the former armed faction the Liberia Peace Council.

The NDPL presidential candidate in 1985 was Samuel Doe who won the election with 50.93% of the vote. He remained president until November 1990 when he was captured by armed rebels, tortured and executed. The NDPL won 51 of the 64 seats in the House of representatives in 1985 and 22 of the 26 in the Senate.

In the next elections held in 1997 their presidential candidate came seventh with 1.26% of the vote. The party failed to pick up any parliamentary seats.

In the 2005 election they did a little better when their presidential candidate, Winston Tubman, came fourth with 9.2% of the vote. The NDPL picked up one seat in the House of Representatives and two seats in the Senate.

On 2nd August 2011 the NDPL announced that it would support the Unity Party (UP) candidate, incumbent president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for the presidential ticket.

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