National Patriotic Party

Published 15th September, 2011

The National Patriotic Party or NPP was founded in 1997 by members of the National Patriotic Front, an armed faction led by Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor subsequently went on to win the 1997 presidential election , taking 75.33% of the vote. In the House of Representatives the party won 49 of the 64 seats and in the Senate they took 21 of the 26 seats.

Following a period of rebellion and intense fighting when no elections were held, Charles Taylor fled the country in 2003 and was indicted for war crimes by the Special Court for Sierra Leone (a neighbouring country). Meanwhile the NPP went on to sign the 2003 peace agreement.

In 2005, the party’s presidential candidate came sixth with 4.1% of the vote. They took four seats in the House of Representatives and three seats in the Senate.

The National Patriotic Party has decided to support for the Congress for Democratic Change presidential candidate in the 2011 election in opposition to incumbent president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

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