Unity Party

Published 15th September, 2011

The Unity Party or UP was founded in 1984 by Dr Edward B. Kesselly. They describe themselves as a centrist party who believe in economic liberalism.

The party participated in the first elections after the 1980 coup, in 1985 where their founder came fourth in the presidential election with 11.07% of the vote.

In 1997, the next election, their presidential candidate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came a distant second with just 9.56% of the vote. In the House of Representatives they also came second with seven of the 64 seats and in the Senate they took three of the 26 seats.

There then followed a period of extreme turmoil in the country and the next set of elections after a 2003 peace deal were held in 2005.

In the 2005 election Ellen Sirleaf Johnson won the presidential election in the second round runoff, taking 59.4% of the vote. In the House of Representatives the Unity Party did less well, coming fourth with 12.49% of the vote and eight of the 64 seats. In the Senate they took four of 30 seats.

In 2006 the UP merged with the Liberia Unification Party and the Liberian Action Party

The Unity Party are members of the International Democrat Union (IDU) and the regional Democrat Union of Africa .

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