Political Parties in Libya

Published 3rd July, 2012

Prior to 2011 there were no political parties in Libya and a small number in exile. Since the fall of the Gaddafi regime there has been an explosion in the number of political parties. They are largely along secular or Islamist lines and many of them are formed around local or regional groups.

The Higher National Election Commission states that there are 349 political entities. Many of them are unlikely to survive beyond this first set of elections and there will be consolidation with time. We have not been able to find details on all parties but have outlined those that may do well along with others for which we have been able to gather information. A more complete list of the parties that win seats in the Constituent Assembly will be drawn up in due course.

Aljabha Alwathaniya Lienqad Libya
National Front for the Salvation of Libya NFSL
Founded on 7th October 1981 in Khartoum, Sudan by a former ambassador to India. The current leader, Muhammad Magariaf struggled against Gaddafi for many years and could play a pivotal role in the future. The party appears to be mildly Islamist.

Attahaluf Alwathani Adimoqrathi
Democratic National Alliance Party
This party was established by a group in exile in 1987. Its aim was to organise the fight against Gaddafi. The party gave its support to the National Transitional Council on 12th of March 2011.

National Democratic Assembly for Justice and Progress
Formed in Tripoli and Zawiya on 27th February 2011 to support the rule of law, respect liberties, the right to free opinion, and a moderate Islam.

Hezb Libya Aljadida
New Libya Party NLP
Founded on 11th April 2011 by Ragab Zatout and Ramadan Ben Amer. It wants a Muslim/Secular state with equality, freedom and generous compensation to all who suffered under the Gaddafi regime. It also wants the proceeds from Libya’s oil to be shared out on a monthly basis.

Hezb Aladala Waddimoqrathiya Allibi
Libyan Justice and Democracy Party
Founded by Dr. Hadi Shalluf in Paris on 21st May 2005. The party believes in democracy, independence of the three branches of the judiciary, executive and legislative and establishing a modern and civil Libya.

Hezb Almoatamer Alwathani Aljadeed
The New National Congress Party: NNCP
Founded on 10th June 2011 Basheer Asadawi as a centrist party, based on sharia. It rejects “secularism” in favour of “civil society”.

Hezb Addimoqrathiya LibyaDemocratic Party – Libya
Formed by the Libyan Freedom and Democracy Campaign on 14th July 2011 it wants to see the separation of religion and state. The Democratic Party believes in the principles of freedom, tolerance and individual rights and constitutional democracy and the rule of law and economic freedom.

Hezb Almostaqbel
Future Libya
The party would appear to have been founded on 23rd August 2011. The party supports calls for freedom, social justice, democracy, human rights and sharia.

Hezb Attadamon Alwathani
National Solidarity Party
Founded 20th October 2011, their website contains a long list of their fundamental beliefs which would appear to be centrist, democratic and pro-business.

Hezb A’omoum LibyaAll Libya Party
Founded on 29th November 2011 in Tripoli. The party believes in social justice, freedom, democracy, the unity of Libya, human rights, with Islam the source of its legal system.

Hezb Allibi Addimoqrathi Alhurr Liladala Wattanmiya
The Libyan National Democratic Party for Justice and Development
This party appears to have been launched in late 2011 and claims to have more than half a million members. The leader of the party is Ali Ferjani Khamis. They have a long list of policies but none have much depth, however they do say that they want Islam to be the source of legislation. There is then a long list of giveaways including housing for all and raising the minimum wage to 1000 dinars per month.

Ħizb al-Waṭan
Homeland Party
At the time of its establishment in November 2011 it was known as the National Gathering for Freedom, Justice and Development; it is also known as the Libyan national Party. It is led by Sheikh Ali al-Salabi a Salafist cleric, but claims to want a moderate Islamic democracy with a constitution based on Sharia. It has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hezb Libya Alwathan
Libya Homeland Party
Established on 27th December 2011 by Abdel Hakim Belhadj. It describes itself as centrist with principles of freedom, justice, nationalism, transparency, responsibility, quality, creativity and development.

Sahwa PartyThe Sahwa Party or “Reawakening” was founded by Hussam Najjar as a social democratic party with Islamic leanings.

Hezb AlummaAl-Umma Party
A moderate Islamist party, headed by Wasila al-Aashiq.

Hezb Alwathani AllibiLibyan National Party
Founded by Basheer Mohammad as a party open to all Libyans. It wants to see the participation in building Libya. Its principles are freedom, democracy, human rights and the formation of a civil society.

Truth and Democracy Party of Benghazi
Established in Benghazi on 8th December 2011 with the aim to turn Libya into a paradise where every Libyan has free land, homes, education, healthcare, cars, electricity and telephones. They will abolish tax, clean up the streets, get rid of drugs and alcohol and close all Libyan embassies.

Reform and Development Party
Established by religious leaders in Benghazi with the aim of developing social and economic policies based on Sharia. Also wants to develop freedom and allow political parties and civil organisations as long as they do not contradict Islamic values.

Hezb Alwathani Lilislah
Patriotic Reform Party
A centrist party formed sometime in early 2012, they want to eliminate corruption, restore democracy and wants widespread reforms in healthcare, education and the economy.

Summit Party
Formed on 17th January 2012 they want Islam to be the religion of the state and primary source of legislation whilst accommodating other religions.

Alittihad Min Ajl Alwathan
The Union for Homeland
Established on 29th January 2012 with the aim of working against re-establishing military rule in Libya, and uniting all revolutionaries of Libya in one force to defend the “revolution”.

National Charter for Justice and Democracy
The party believes in one country with the religion being Islam but with respect for all other religions and cultural identities.

The Voice of the Nation’s Youth
Founded by Muntasir Billahi Saad al-Fiesi a Benghazi political activist.

Kutlat Alahzab Alwathaniyyah
National Coalition Party
The party was formed in late February 2012 by the former interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.

National Centrist Party
Formed on the 27th February 2012 by former interim oil minister Ali Tarhuni. It believes in moderation and wants to create more economic opportunities for the people.

Hezb Aladala Wattanmiya
Justice and Development Party
The Justice and Development party, also known as the Justice and Construction Party was founded on 1st March 2012 and is the party of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The leader of the party is Mohammad Sawan and the party describes itself as centrist whilst looking to promote cultural moderation based on Sharia.

Hezb Allibiyyin Alahrar
Free Libyans Party
Founded on 13th April 2012 by Mohammed Allagi, a former NTC Justice Minister. It believes in Justice, Development and Freedom and wishes to represent women and youth whilst respecting the culture of all Libyan people.

Hezb Attaghyeer
Change Party
Formed on 15th May 2012 by former representative of the National Transitional Council in the UK, Guma el-Gamaty. The party describes itself as a “nationalist party” that is neither religious nor secular while respecting the religious and cultural heritage of Libya.

Hezb Alwehda Alwathaniya Allibi
Libyan National Unity Party
Founded by Solieman Ahmed Aswaihli and Anis Emhammed Aswaihli it calls for the national unity of Libya. They want to see the Libyan people educated in rights, justice, democracy and human rights.

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