Order and Justice

Published 11th September, 2012

Order and Justice or TT was founded in 2002 by Rolandas Paksas but the party at that stage was named the Liberal Democratic Party; it changed its name in 2006. The party describes itself as right wing and believes in National conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Populism and Euroscepticism.

Rolandas Paksas unexpectedly won the presidential election in 2003 and set about tackling corruption. Unfortunately a year later he was accused of using his office for political favours and some of his staff were linked to Russian criminal gangs resulting in Paksas being impeached. He was prevented from standing in the 2004 presidential election and his party left it too late to put up an alternative candidate.

Nevertheless the party won 10 of the 141 seats in the Seimas in 2004 and in 2008 after a mammoth effort to put the past impeachment behind them they managed to increase their representation to 15 seats. Rolandas Paksas remains their leader.

Order and Justice holds two of the 12 seats in the European Parliament where it is a member of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.

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