Political Parties in Madagascar

Published 7th August, 2013

Below is a list of known parties in Madagascar for the past ten years or so. However, the country is in a current state of uncertainty and political parties are subject to new regulations which came in during 2012. Elections are arranged and then cancelled and as a result no official list of parties is as yet available.

• I love Madagascar
• Judged by One’s Work
• Renewal of the Social Democratic Party
• Vanguard for the Malagasy Revolution
• Movement for the Progress of Madagascar
• Economic Liberalism and Democratic Action for National Reconstruction
• United Popular Forces.

• Congress Party for the Independence of Madagascar
• National Movement for the Independence of Madagascar
• Congress Party for the Independence of Madagascar – Renewal
• Forces Vives Rasalama (HVR)
• Mouvement Démocrate Chrétien (MDC)
• Action and Reflection Group for the Development of Madagascar
• Work, Justice and Development in Harmony
• Comité de Soutien à la Démocratie et au Développement à Madagascar (CSDDM)
• Rassemblement pour les Démocrates des Musulmans de Madagasacar (RDMM)
• Party Uniting Common Efforts
• Make Madagascar Dynamic
• Fihavanantsika
• Madagasikarantsika (Our Madagascar)
• Tambatra (Union)
• Confederation of Civil Societies for Development
• Parti Républicain de Madagascar (PRM)
• Farimbona (Cooperation).

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