Alliance for Democracy

Published 5th June, 2014

The Alliance for Democracy or AFORD started life in September 1992 as an underground movement led by trade union activist Chakufwa Chihana to agitate for a multi-party democracy. It was officially recognised in 1993 when a referendum led to multi-party elections once more.

In its first election in 1994 AFORD was rewarded for its hard work and won 36 of the 177 seats in the National Assembly to be the third largest party. That was, however, to be its best result.

In September 1994 Chihana and five other members of AFORD joined the Cabinet of the United Democratic Front (UDF) government. In June 1996 AFORD broke its ties with the UDF.

In 1999 the party dropped to 29 seats and remained in opposition, but in 2003 AFORD joined the UDF government once more. This resulted in a dissident group splitting and calling itself Genuine-AFORD. Despite attempts to reconcile the two sides the split proved a disaster and in 2004 the party dropped to just six seats but remained as a junior coalition partner in Bingu wa Mutharika’s government.

In 2009 and in 2014 the party was reduced to just one seat.

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