Maldivian Democratic Party

Published 7th August, 2013

The Maldivian Democratic Party or MDP was founded on 10th November 2003 in exile in Sri Lanka. It believes in Democratic liberalism, Social liberalism, Conservative liberalism and Equal Rights. Because of its international affiliations it might best be described as a Centre-right party.

After the Majlis voted, on 2nd June 2005 to recognise political parties, the MDP was quick to submit its registration and was the first political party to be registered in the Maldives.

In the Presidential election of 10th and 29th October 2008 the MDP candidate, Mohamed Nasheed, won in the second round with 53.65% of the vote, beating President Gayoom who had been in power since 1978.

In the first multi-party parliamentary elections held on 9th May 2009 the MDP won 26 of the 77 seats in the Majlis and became the second largest party.

On 7th February 2012 President Mohamed Nasheed was forced to resign in what he has described as a coup d’état by former President Gayoom and Vice-President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik.

The Maldivian Democratic Party is a member of the International Democrat Union (IDU) and the Alliance of Democrats.

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