Party for National Rebirth

Published 28th February, 2012

The Party for National Rebirth or PARENA was founded in 1995.

In the July 1997 general election the party won eight of the 147 seats in the National Assembly.

In 2002 their leader Tiébilé Dramé stood in the presidential election and took 3.99% of the vote. The party won ten of 160 seats as a member of the Convergence for Alternance and Change alliance.

In 2007 they joined with the Rally for Mali (RPM) in another alliance called the Front for Democracy and the Republic (FDR), but dropped to four seats in the 160 member National Assembly. Tiébilé Dramé stood once more in the presidential election and came third with 3.04% of the vote.

After the election PARENA entered into a parliamentary grouping with the African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence (SADI).

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