Rally for Mali

Published 28th February, 2012

Rally for Mali or RPM was founded by former prime minister and ADEMA figure Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta in June 2001 in readiness for the 2002 presidential election.

In the presidential election in the April and May of 2002, Keïta came third with 21.03% of the vote. In the July general election the RPM joined the Hope 2002 (Espoir 2002) alliance and took 46 of the 160 seats in the National Assembly, the second largest party.

In the 2007 presidential election Keïta came third once more with 19.15% of the vote. The RPM entered into an alliance (Front for Democracy and the Republic) with the Party for National Rebirth (PARENA) in the general election and dropped to 11 of 160 seats in the National Assembly.

The Rally for Mali is a member of the Socialist International.

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