Minor Parties

Published 19th March, 2011

Mauritanian Party for Union and Change (HATEM)
Mauritanian Party for Union and Change-Popular Progressive Alliance (HATEM-APP)
Popular/People’s Progressive Alliance (APP)
Rally for Democracy and Unity (Rassemblement pour la Démocratie et l’Unité) (RDU)
Union for Democracy and Progress (Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès) (UDP)
Democratic Renewal/Renovation (Renovation Démocratique) (DRD)
Rally of Democratic Forces-Union of the Forces for Progress (RFD-UFP)
Social Democratic Unionist Party (PUDS)
National Rally for Democracy, Liberty, and Equality (Rassemblement national pour la liberté, la démocratie et l’égalité) (RNDLE)
Union of the Democratic Center (Union du centre démocratique) (UCD)
Alternative (Alternative)

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