Rally of Democratic Forces

Published 21st October, 2011

The Rally of Democratic Forces or RFD was previously known as the Union of Democratic Forces (UFD) which was formed in October 1991 by Ahmed Ould Daddah the half brother of the former president.

The UFD had led the boycott of the second round of the 1996 general election and in October 2000 was dissolved by the government for inciting hatred. The RFD was formed in its place in October 2000.

In the 2001 elections the RFD took three seats in the 81 seat National Assembly.

In the 2003 presidential election Ahmed Ould Daddah came third with 6.9% of the vote.

In 2006 the party joined forces with eight other parties in an alliance and won 15 of the 95 seats in the assembly (the alliance won 25 seats).

In the 2007 presidential election Daddah came second in the first round with 20.69% of the vote but lost the second round to Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi who received 52.85% of the vote to Daddah’s 47.15%. In 2009 Daddah came third once more with 13.66% of the vote.

The RFD is an observer member of Socialist International.

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