Union of Progress Forces

Published 21st October, 2011

The Union of Progress Forces or UFP can trace its history back to the 1960s when it campaigned for the right s of Kahidine or workers. It describes itself as a centre left, cross ethnic, Republican, social justice party which has condemned the involvement in the political life of the country, and most especially the 2005 and 2008 coups.

Since the new era of multi-party democracy in 1991 the party started as a faction of the Union of Democratic Forces – New Era and only became the UFP in 2000.

In the 2001 election the UFP took three seats in the 81 seat National Assembly. In 2006 the party won eight seats as part of an alliance with the Rally of Democratic Forces.

In May 2008 the party decided to join the government of Prime Minister Yahya, although the government only survived a few months before the 2008 coup. Following the coup the party joined a four party coalition, the National Front for the Defence of Democracy (FNDD). The FNDD subsequently joined in a power sharing transitional government.

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