Cabinet of Mauritania

Yahya Ould Hademine Prime Minister
Sidi Ould Zein Minister of Justice
Ahmed Ould Teguedi Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Ba Amadou Bathia Minister of National Defence
Mohamed Ould Ahmed Salem Ould Mohamed Raré Minister of Interior and Decentralisation
Sidi Ould Tah Minister of Economic Affairs and Development
Thiam Djombar Minister of Finance
Ahmed Ould Ehil Daoud Minister of Islamic Affairs and Original Education
Mohamed Ould Khouna Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Mines
Seyidna Ali Ould Mohamed Khouna Minister of Public Functions, Labour and
Administrative Modernisation
Ahmedou Ould Hademine Ould Jelvoune Minister of Health
Nani Ould Chrougha Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy
Naha Mint Hamdy Ould Mouknass Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Ismaïl Ould Sadegh Minister for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning
Brahim Ould M’Bareck Ould Mohamed El Moktar Minister of Agriculture
Dr. Fatma Habib Minister of Livestock
Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izidbih Minister of Infrastructure and Transport
Ahmed Salem Ould Bechir Minister of Water and Sanitation
Ba Ousmane Minister of Education
Sidi Ould Salem Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Mohamed Lemine Ould El Mamy Minister of Employment, Vocational Training, Information
Technology and Communication
Vatma Vall Mint Soueinae Minister of Culture and Crafts
Sao Houleimeta Minister of Youth and Sports
Izidbih Ould Mohamed Mahmoud Minister of Relations with Parliament and Civil Society
and Government Spokesman
Lemina Mint El Kotob Ould Moma Minister of Social Affairs, Children and the Familiy
Amédi Camara Minister of the Environment and
Sustainable Development
Hawa Tandia Secretary General of Government
Hindou Min Ainina Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Responsible for Maghreb Affairs, Africa
and Mauritanians abroad

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