Political Parties in Mauritius

Published 19th March, 2011

Below is a list of known political parties in Mauritius. This is a preliminary list and will be followed with a more detailed history of the parties.

Party [Alliance]

Major Parties
Mauritian Labour Party (Parti Travailliste)
Mauritian Social Democratic Party (Parti Mauricien Social-Démocrate) (PMSD)
Mauritian Socialist Movement (Mouvement Socialiste Mauricien) (MSM)
Mauritian Militant Movement (Mouvement Militant Mauricien) (MMM)
National Union (Union Nationale) (UN)
Mauritian Socialist Democrat Movement (Mouvement Mauricien Socialiste Démocrate) (MMSD)
Movement Rodriguais

Minor Parties
Organisation of the People of Rodrigues (Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais) (OPR)
Rodrigues Movement (Mouvement Rodriguais) (MR)
Mauritius Solidarity Front (Front Solidarite Mauricienne) (FSM)
Greens-Fraternal Organization (VERTS-OF)
Independent Forward Block (IFB)
Mauritian Socialist Party (PSM)
Mauritian Party of Xavier Duval (Parti Mauricien Xavier-Luc Duval) (PMXD)
Democratic Labour Movement (MTD)
Party of Liberation (Hizb ut Tahrir)

Sources: Electoral Commissioner’s Office:; and others

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