Political Parties in Moldova

Published 19th March, 2011

Below is a list of known political parties in Moldova. This is a preliminary list and will be followed with a more detailed history of the parties.

Parliamentary Parties

Communist Party of Moldova (Partidul Comuniştilor din Republica Moldova) (PCRM)

Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (Partidul Liberal Democrat din Moldova) (PLDM)

Democratic Party of Moldova (Partidul Democrat din Moldova) (PDM)

Liberal Party (Partidul Liberal) (PL)

Minor Parties

Political Party Alliance “Our Moldova” (Partidul Alianţă Moldova Noastră)

European Action Party (Mişcarea Acţiunea Europeană)

Humanist Party of Moldova

National Liberal Party (Partidul Naţional Liberal)

Social Democratic Party (Partidul Social Democrat) (PSD)

Popular Christian Democratic Party (Partidul Popular Creştin Democrat)

Patriots Moldova

 “For the Nation and Country” Party

Social-Political Movement of Roma in Moldova (Mişcare Social-Politică Republicană Ravnopravie)

Republican Party of Moldova (Partidul Popular Republican) (PPR)

Republican People’s Party (Partidul Republican din Moldova)

Ecologist Party of Moldova “Green Alliance” (Partidul Ecologist din Moldova “Alianţa Verde”)

Labour Party

Republican Socio-Political Movement “Movement”

Political Party “Socialist Party of Moldova” Patria Rodina”

Socio-Political Movement “New Force”

Socialist Party of Moldova

Romanian National Party

Union of Moldova “Centrist Party” (Uniunea Centristă din Moldova)(UCM)

Sources: Central Election Commission of the Republic of Moldova:; and others

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