Horizon Monaco

Published 4th January, 2013

Horizon Monaco formerly known as The Rally for Monaco – National and Democratic Union was founded in 1962 as a merger of the National Union of Independents and the National Democratic Entente. It describes itself as Right-Wing and believes in Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Monegasque and Monarchism.

The party won every election from the 1960s until 2003 taking 18 of the 18 seats in the National Council of Monaco in each election except 1973 where it conceded two seats and 1993 where it dropped three seats.

In 2003 disaster struck and an alliance of three opposition parties called Union for Monaco (UPM) reduced the party to three seats; it remained on three seats after the 2008 election.

In the 2003 elections the party changed its name to Rally for Monaco (Rassemblement pour Monaco – RPM) and in 2008 it joined forces with “Valeurs & Enjeux” to become Rally and Issues for Monaco (Rassemblement et Enjeux pour Monaco – REM).

The party changed its name to Horizon Monaco in time for the 2013 general election which it won, taking 20 of the 24 seats in the National Council.

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