Civil Will-Green Party

Published 26th June, 2012

The Civil Will-Green Party was founded in March 2012 as a joint venture between two former parties, the Civil Will Party (CWP) which was founded in 2000 and the Mongolian Green Party which was founded in 1990. The party describes its political position as centre.

The Mongolian Green Party had been unsuccessful up to the point that it cooperated with the Civil Will Party for the first time in 2000. In that election the Civil Will Party won one seat and in 2004 the CWP cooperated with two other parties in the Motherland Democratic Coalition which won 35 of the 76 seats in the State Great Hural.

In 2008 the Green Party as part of the Civic Coalition gained a single seat and the Civil Will Party also gained one seat.

On 12th March 2012 the Supreme Court ruled that the two parties could merge into one party

The Civil Will-Green Party is a full member of Liberal International and of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats.

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