SWAPO Party of Namibia

Published 14th November, 2014

The SWAPO Party of Namibia or SWAPO was formerly known as the South West Africa People’s Organization and was founded in 1960 to create a national liberation movement from South Africa. The party started life as a Marxist organisation, but over the years has moved more to the centre and now describes itself as Centre-left. It believes in African Nationalism and Social Democracy.

In the struggle for independence SWAPO had a military wing which was known as the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) and which was active from 1966 until independence in 1990.

In the Constituent Assembly election of 1989 SWAPO won 41 of the 72 seats. They have gone on to win every election since with 53/72 (1994), 55/78 (1999), 55/78 (2004) and 54/72 seats (2009) in the National Assembly.

SWAPO has [provided the two Presidents the country has had since independence; Sam Nujoma (1990 – 2005) and Hifikepunye Pohamba (2005 – ).

SWAPO is a member of Socialist International.

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