New Zealand

United Future New Zealand

Published 7th November, 2011

United Future New Zealand or United Future was founded in 1995 following the defection of seven MPs from the National Party (4) and Labour Party (3). It describes itself as centrist.

Peter Dunne, the party leader, supported the National Party government in the period leading up to the 1996 general election. In the 1996 election the party won 0.88% of the vote and one seat. In 1999 they also retained one seat but with a reduced percentage of the vote.

2002 was their best year when they won eight seats with 6.69% of the vote. However, in 2005 they dropped back to three seats, although they did join a coalition arrangement with the ruling Labour Party. In 2008 were back to one seat, that of Peter Dunne’s and he went on to join the new National government minority coalition in his old portfolio of Minister of Revenue.

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