Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance

Published 14th October, 2011

The Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance or ALN was founded in 2005 by Eduardo Montealegre as a breakaway group of the Constitutional Liberal Party. Following their foundation, the ALN also brought in other groups including the Independent Liberal Party (PLI), the New Liberal Party (PALI) and the Conservative Party of Nicaragua (PC).

Prior to the 2006 election the ALN was also known as the Liberal Salvation Movement (MSL) but during the campaign they fought under their ALN title, but bringing into their alliance the Nicaraguan Democratic Movement, the Social Conservative Party and the Alliance for the Republic (APRE).

As a result of their party building, the ALN presidential candidate, Eduardo Montealegre, came second with 29% of the vote and the party took 23 of the 92 seats in the National Assembly.

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