Sandinista Renovation Movement

Published 14th October, 2011

The Sandinista Renovation Movement or MRS was founded by a splinter group from the Sandinista National Liberation Front or Sandinistas (FSLN) in 1995. They describe themselves far left and believe in Marxism/Leninism, Sandinism and left wing nationalism.

In their first electoral outing in the 1996 general election their presidential candidate came fifth and the party took one seat in the National Assembly.

In 2001 the party decided to contest the election with the National Liberation Front or Sandinistas (FSLN) but they were not successful in winning.

By 2006 the MRS were fighting the election alone once more. Their presidential candidate came fourth with 6.44% of the vote and the party took five seats in the 92 seat National Assembly.

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