National Movement for the Development of Society

Published 18th January, 2011

The ruling party In Niger from 1989 – 1993 and again from 1999 until 2010 the MSND was formed by the military regime in 1988 as the sole legal party in the country.

Although the MNSD won the largest number of seats (29) in the 14th February 1993, a number of smaller parties formed the Alliance of the Forces for Change and took power with 50 out of the 83 seats in the National Assembly.

The 1995 had the MNSD as the largest party again, but the inability to form a stable coalition across any of the parties led to a coup on 27th January 1996 and a brief military government.

On 23rd November 1996 new elections were held and the MNSD bocotted the elections, with the National Union of Independents for Democratic Renewal taking 59 of the 83 seats.

In 1999 a further election was held in which the MNSD took 38 of the 83 seats and subsequently formed a coalition with the third largest party, the Democratic and Social Convention (CDS-Rahama) which had 17 seats. In 2004 the MNSD consolidated its position and won 47 seats but in a larger 113 seat National Assembly. They continued their coalition with the CDS-Rahama.

In 2009 the MNSD-Nassara won 76 seats out of 113, but this period was filled with turmoil as the MNSD-Nassara President Tandja changed the constitution to extend his term in office. A coup followed in February 2010 leading to fresh elections scheduled for 31st January 2011.

The MNSD-Nassara candidate for the 2011 Presidential election is Seyni Oumarou.

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