Action Congress

Published 23rd February, 2011

The Action Congress (AC) was formed in September 2006 through a merger of the Alliance for Democracy (AD), the Justice Party ((JP) and the Advance Congress of Democrats (ACD).

The Alliance for Democracy was established in late 1998, the Justice Party in pre 2003 and the Advance Congress of Democrats in the March of 2006.  The Alliance for Democracy had taken around 12.5% (68 seats) of the vote in 1999 and 10% (34 seats) of the vote in the  2003 elections.

In 2007 the Action Congress presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar had taken 7.47% of the vote and had come third.  In the same year the Action Congress took 32 of the 360  House of Representatives seats and six of the 109 Senate seats.  Subsequently the party refused an offer to join the PDP government.

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