All Nigeria Peoples Party

Published 23rd February, 2011

The All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) was founded in 1998 from a number of smaller factions. 

In February 1999 the party supported the Alliance for Democracy presidential candidate, without success.  In the same year its predecessor, the All People’s Party took 30.6% of the vote (74 seats) in the House of representatives and 31.2%  (29 seats) in the Senate.

In 2003 the ANPP came second in both houses to the PNP.  In the House of Representatives they took 96 of the 360 seats and in the Senate they took 27 0f the 109 seats. 

The party selected Gen. Muhammed Buhari a former military ruler (1983 – 1985) as its presidential candidate in 2003.  He came second with 32.19% of the vote.  In the 2007 presidential election Gen. Buhari stood again, but this time only received 18.72% of the vote.

In the 2007 general election the ANPP won 62 seats in the House of Representatives and 16 seats in the Senate.

On 27th June 2007 it was announced that the ANPP had decided to join the PDP government of President Yar’Adua.

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