Minor Parties

Published 23rd February, 2011

Accord (A)

Action Alliance  (AA)

Action Party of Nigeria  (APN)

Advanced Congress Of Democrats (ACD)

African Democratic Congress  (ADC)

African Liberation Party (ALP)

African Political System  (APS)

African Renaissance Party  (ARP)

All Progressives Grand Alliance  (APGA)

Alliance For Democracy  (AD)

Allied Congress Party of Nigeria  (ACPN)

Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP)

Change Advocacy Party  (CAP)

Citizens Popular Party  (CPP)

Community Party of Nigeria  (CPN)

Congress for Democratic Change  (CDC)

Congress for Progressive Change  (CPC)

Democratic Alternative (DA)

Democratic Front for Peoples Federation (DFPF)

Democratic Peoples Alliance  (DPA)

Democratic Peoples Party  (DPP)

Freedom Party of Nigeria  (FPN)

Fresh Democratic Party  (FRESH)

Hope Democratic Party  (HDP)

Justice Party  (JP)

Kowa Party  (KP)

Labour Party  (LP)

Liberal Democratic Party of Nigeria (LDPN)

Masses Movement of Nigeria  (MMN)

Mega Progressive Peoples Party  (MPPP)

Movement for Democracy and Justice  (MDJ)

Movement for the Restoration and Defence of Democracy  (MRDD)

National Action Council  (NAC)

National Conscience Party  (NCP)

National Democratic Liberty Party  (NDLP)

National Democratic Party  (NDP)

National Majority Democratic Party  (NMDP)

National Movement of Progressive Party (NMPP)

National Reformation Party  (NRP)

National Solidarity Democratic Party  (NSDP)

National Transformation Party  (NTP)

National Unity Party  (NUP)

New Democrats  (ND)

New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP)

Nigeria Advance Party  (NAP)

Nigeria Elements Progressive Party (NEPP)

Nigeria Peoples Congress  (NPC)

People For Democratic Change  (PDC)

Peoples Mandate Party  (PMP)

Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)

Peoples Progressive Party  (PPP)

Peoples Redemption Party  (PRP)

Peoples Salvation Party  (PSP)

Progressive Action Congress  (PAC)

Progressive Peoples Alliance  (PPA)

Republican Party of Nigeria  (RPN)

Social Democratic Mega Party  (SDMP)

United Democratic Party  (UDP)

United National Party for Development (UNPD)

United Nigeria Peoples Party  (UNPP)

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