About Political Parties in Nigeria

Published 22nd February, 2011

Since the 1999 general election there has been one dominant party in Nigeria, the People’s Democratic Party.  Traditionally the All Nigeria People’s Party has come second but with a smaller representation in every election.  In 2006 a merger between three parties formed the Action Congress which has made some progress. 

Therefore these three parties are the dominant political parties in Nigeria.  There are a total of 63 parties in Nigeria, but many of the remaining parties are small or limited geographically.  For this reason we have prepared histories for the three dominant parties and created a list of the minor parties as recognised by the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission.

We are happy to make amendments or add histories for any of the parties listed provided that those histories are not longer than 600 words.  Please write to if you wish to add or amend histories and quote NigeriaPP2011 in the subject line.  We shall also require proof of your official status.

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