North Korea

Cabinet of North Korea

Pak Pong Ju Premier of the DPRK Cabinet
Ro Tu Chol Vice-Premier and Chairman of the State Planning Commission
Kim Yong Jin Vice-Premier
Ri Mu Yong Vice-Premier and Minister of Chemical Industry
Ri Chol Man Vice-Premier and Minister of Agriculture
Ri Su Yong Foreign Minister
Kim Man Su Minister of Electric Power Industry
Mun Myong Hak Minister of Coal Industry
Kim Yong Gwang Minister of Metallurgical Industry
Jon Kil Su Minister of Railways
Kang Jong Gwan Minister of Land and Maritime Transport
Ri Hak Chol Minister of Mining Industry
Ri Chun Sam Minister of State Natural Resources Development
Pae Hak Minister of Oil Industry
Han Ryong Guk Minister of Forestry
Ri Jong Guk Minister of Machine-building Industry
Ri Je Son Minister of Atomic Energy Industry
Kim Jae Song Minister of Electronics Industry
Sim Chol Ho Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
Tong Jong Ho Minister of Construction and Building-Materials Industry
Kwon Song Ho Minister of State Construction Control
Jo Yong Chol Minister of Food and Consumer Goods Industries
Ri Hyok Minister of Fisheries
Choe Kwang Jin Minister of Finance
Jong Yong Su Minister of Labour
Ri Ryong Nam Minister of Foreign Trade
Choe Sang Gon Chairman of the State Science and Technology Commission
Jang Chol President of the State Academy of Sciences
Kim Kyong Jun Minister of Land and Environment Protection
Kang Yong Su Minister of Urban Management
Mun Ung Jo Minister of Food Procurement and Administration
Kim Kyong Nam Minister of Commerce
Kim Sung Du Chairman of the Education Commission and Minister of General Education
Thae Hyong Chol President of Kim Il Sung University and Minister of Higher Education
under the Education Commission
Kang Ha Guk Minister of Public Health
Pak Chun Nam Minister of Culture
Ri Jong Mu Minister of Physical Culture and Sports
Kim Chon Gyun President of the Central Bank
Ri Sung Ho Director of the Central Bureau of Statistics
Kim Yong Ho Secretary General of the Cabinet

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