Minor Parties

Published 19th March, 2011

Red (Raudt) (R)

Pensioners (Pensjonistpartiet) (PP)

The Norwegian Greens (Miljøpartiet Dei Grøne) (MDG)

Coastal Party (Kystpartiet) (COAST)

Christian Unity Party (Kristent Samlingsparti) (KSP)

Democrats in Norway (Demokratene I Norge) (DEM)

The Communist Party (Norges Kommunistiske Parti) (CPN)

The Liberal People’s Party (Det Liberale Folkepartiet) (DLF)

Contemporary Party (Samtisdpartiet) (AND)

Centre Alliance (Sentrumsalliansen)

Norway Patriots (NorgesPatriotene) (NPAT)


Society Party Samfunnspartie (SFP)

One (written) Language (Ett (skrift) språk) (ES)

Norwegian Republican Alliance (Norsk Republikansk Allianse) (NRR)

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