Progress Party

Published 22nd August, 2013

The Progress Party or Framstegspartiet (FrP) was founded on 8th April 1973 as the Ander Lange’s Party for a Strong Reduction in Taxation and Public Intervention. Anders Lange led the party until his death in 1974 and in 1977 the party took its current name. The party describes itself as Right-wing and believes in Conservative liberalism, Conservatism, Right-wing populism and Classical Liberalism.

In the 1973 general election the party won four seats in the Storting but lost all four in the 1977 election. It came back in 1981 to win four seats, dropped back again in 1985 to two seats but since then has grown steadily stronger.

In 1997 the Progress Party won 25 seats in the 165 seat Storting, that went up to 26 seats in 2001 and in 2005 they took 38 seats to become the second largest party in parliament. In 2009 they increased their proportion of the seats once more to 41 seats firmly pushing the Conservative Party into third place and becoming the main centre-right party in Norway.

The current leader of the Progress Party is Siv Jensen.

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