Pakistan Movement for Justice

Published 18th April, 2013

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was founded by Imran Khan on 25 April 1996 in Lahore.

Much younger than the other mainstream parties, it was initially intended to be a socio-political movement, but it gradually began to grow before its formal launch as a political party. In addition to Khan, the founding fathers of the PTI are considered to be Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, Nazim Haji, Hamid Khan, Dr Parvez Hassan, Abdul Hafeez Khan, Owais Ghani, Dr Abdul Mateen and Dr Mohammad Farooq.
In the year after the party was founded, Imran Khan stood unsuccessfully in seven constituencies, but in October 2002 he was elected as Member of Parliament for his home town of Mianwali. However, he was deeply critical of Pakistan’s political system, which he deemed as corrupt and inefficient and he worked to increase awareness of the PTI.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf boycotted the elections of 18 February 2008, citing electoral irregularities and corruption. The PTI claims that it is the only mainstream party in Pakistani politics today that is non-family run. Support does appear to be growing due to successful campaigning round the country and in March 2013, at a political rally in Karachi, Imran Khan made six pledges to the people of Pakistan if he comes to power in the 2013 elections:

  1. I will always speak the truth to the people of Pakistan.
  2. The PTI government that will come into power, I promise that we will try to end tyranny.
  3. I will never take my money out of Pakistan.
  4. I will never take personal benefit from being in government, nor will my relatives be allowed to benefit from my being in power.
  5. I will protect your tax money.
  6. We will stand together with every Pakistani in or outside Pakistan

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