Papua New Guinea

Minor Parties

Published 24th March, 2011

Smaller Parties in the National Parliament:

New Generation Party (NGP) (Four seats)
People’s Party (PP) (Three seats)
Rural Development Party (RDP) (Four seats)
Melanesian Liberal Party (MLP) (Two seats)
People’s Labour Party (PLP) (Two seats)
PNG Country Party (PNGCP) (Two seats)
United Party (UP) (Two seats)
Melanesian Alliance Party (MA) (One seat)
National Advance Party (One seat)
Pipol First Party (One seat)
PNG Labour Party (PNGLP) (One seat)
PNG National Party (NP) (One seat)
PNG Conservative Party (PNGCP) (One seat)

Other minor parties:

Coalition for Reform Party (CRP)
Indigenous People’s Party
Kingdom First Party
League for Democracy Party
Mama Papa Graun Pati
Mapai Levites Party
National Conservative Party
National Front Party
New Dawn Transformation Party
Our Development Party
Pan Melanesian Congress Party
Papua & Nuigini Union Party
Papua New Guinea Constitutional
Democratic Party
Papua New Guinea Greens Party
Papua New Guinea National Party
People’s First Party
People’s Freedom Party
People’s Heritage Party
People’s Resource Awareness Party
People’s United Assembly Party
Peoples Movement for Change
PNG Destiny Party
PNG New Vision Party
Republican Party
Social Democratic Party
Stars Alliance Party
Transform PNG Party
Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party (THE)

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