South America
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Authentic Radical Liberal Party  (Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico)

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party or PLRA was founded in 1978 (but not legalised until 1989) and is the successor party to the Liberal Party (PL) which was originally founded […] more ->

Beloved Fatherland Party  (Partido Patria Querida)

The Beloved Fatherland Party or PPQ was founded in 2002. It describes itself as Centre-right and believes in Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy and Paraguayan nationalism. The party did remarkably […] more ->

National Republican Association (Asociación Nacional Republicana/Partido Colorado)

The National Republican Association or ANR is better known as the Colorado Party. The party was founded in 1887 by Bernardino Caballero and has been the main party of Paraguay […] more ->

National Union of Ethical Citizens  (Unión Nacional de Ciudadanos Éticos)

The National Union of Ethical Citizens or UNACE was founded in 2002 and was, in effect, a splinter group from the Colorado Party which supported General Lino César Oviedo Silva. […] more ->

Party for a Country of Solidarity  (Partido País Solidario)

The Party for a Country of Solidarity or PPS was founded in 2000 by Carlos Filizzola as a breakaway group from the National Encounter Party (PEN). The party describes itself […] more ->

Progressive Democratic Party  (Partido Democrático Progesista)

The Progressive Democratic Party or PDP was founded in 2007 by a splinter group from the Party for a Country of Solidarity (PPS). The party describes itself as Left-wing and […] more ->

Minor Parties

• Patriotic Alliance for Change (Alianza Patriótica para el Cambio) (APC) • Popular Movement Tekojoja (Movimiento Popular Tekojoja) (MPT) • Departmental Alliance Boqueróón (Alianza Departamental Boqueron)(ADB) • Workers Party (Partido […] more ->