Authentic Radical Liberal Party

Published 5th April, 2013

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party or PLRA was founded in 1978 (but not legalised until 1989) and is the successor party to the Liberal Party (PL) which was originally founded in 1887. The party describes itself as Centrist and believes in Liberalism, Radicalism and Social liberalism.

The original Liberal Party dominated the political scene between 1904 and 1940 but was dissolved in 1942 and although it came back in the form of the Radical Liberal Party and then the Authentic Radical Liberal Party it has failed to achieve the greatness of the early days of the 20th Century.

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party won 21 of the 72 seats in the Chamber of Deputies in its new format in the 1989 general election and in 1991 it took 55 of the 198 seats in the Constitutional Assembly.

In the 1993 general election the party’s candidate, Domingo Laino, came second with 33.5% of the vote. In the Senate the party won 17 of the 45 seats and in the Chamber of Deputies it managed to gain 33 seats in the 80 seat chamber.

In the 1998 election Laino ran again and managed 43.9% but still came second to the Colorado Party candidate. That year the party ran in alliance with the National Encounter Party (PEN) under the heading the Democratic Alliance. The two parties managed to gain 20 Senate seats and 35 Chamber of Deputies seats.

In 2003 the party ran alone once more. Its presidential candidate, Julio César Franco, received 24.7% of the vote and in the Congress the party took 12 Senate seats and 21 Chamber of Deputies seats. They didn’t do much better in the 2008 elections, taking 14 Senate seats and 26 Chamber of Deputies seats but were only a few seats adrift of the main Colorado Party.

The party entered into a political alliance with the left wing candidate Fernando Lugo as the presidential candidate in the 2008 election whilst the party put up the Vice-presidential candidate, Federico Franco; Lugo and Franco won the election with Lugo taking 42.3% of the vote.

By 2009 the party was falling out with Lugo and in 2012 the Congress impeached Lugo and Franco took over as President giving the PLRA its first government.

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party is an Observer member of the Liberal International and a member of the Liberal Network for Latin America (Relial).

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