Party for a Country of Solidarity

Published 5th April, 2013

The Party for a Country of Solidarity or PPS was founded in 2000 by Carlos Filizzola as a breakaway group from the National Encounter Party (PEN). The party describes itself as a Left-wing party and believes in Democratic socialism and Social democracy.

Filizzola had been PENs president from 1996 to 1999 but left in 2000 to form the new party. In the 2003 general election the party won two seats in the 80 seat Chamber of Deputies.

In 2008 the party was part of Fernando Lugo’s Patriotic Alliance for Change (PAC). Lugo won the presidential election but the PAC managed just two seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The PPS won one seat in the upper house or Senate.

The Party for a Country of Solidarity is a member of Socialist International and also the Foro de São Paulo.

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