American Popular Revolutionary Alliance

Published 25th March, 2011

The American Popular Revolutionary Alliance or APRA was founded in 1924 by Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre as a centre left party with ambitions to unite Latin America politically.  The Peruvian branch was known as the Peruvian Aprista Party (PAP) and is all that remains of the original APRA, nevertheless it is usually referred to as APRA.  APRA is the oldest surviving political party in Peru.

In 1985 the APRA presidential candidate Alan García Pérez won the election having received 45% of the vote and with his potential second round opponent standing down.  This was the first success for the party since its formation 60 years previously.

In May 1989 the party chose a successor to Garcia whose presidency had not been a success and in 1990 the party did poorly, gaining just 19.6% of the vote and losing the presidency to Alberto Fujimori.

In 2000 the party presidential candidate, Abel Salinas, came sixth.  But in 2001 Alan Garcia was back and came second with 46.9% of the vote to Alejandro Toledo.  The APRA took 19.7% of the vote and 26 seats in congress.

In 2006 the party improved its position by taking 22.6% of the vote and 36 of the 120 seats in the Congress of the Republic. 

Alan Garcia also won the presidential election of 2006, taking 52.6% in the second round of voting.  Under the constitution he is not permitted to stand in the 2011 election.

The APRA is a member of Socialist International.

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