Change 90–New Majority

Published 25th March, 2011

Change 90 was founded in 1989 largely to support the presidential candidacy of Alberto Fujimori.  Initially they were very successful as they followed the fortunes of Fujimori.  In May 2000 the party, which was part of Peru 2000 along with New Majority by this point took 51 seats and Fujimori was re-elected as the President.

Subsequently Alberto Fujimori resigned and fled the country.  Peru 2000 contested the 2001 general election but did badly, winning only four seats in Congress.  

In 2006 Change 90 joined forces with New Majority once more and jointly they won 13 seats under the Alliance for the Future banner.

Change 90 is supporting the 2011 presidential bid of Luis Castañeda along with National Solidarity, Always Together and Union for Peru.

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