Christian People’s Party

Published 25th March, 2011

Founded in 1966 the Christian People’s Party or PPC is a founding member of Christian Democrat International.  It describes itself as centre-right and Christian democrat.  In 2000 the PPC became part of the National Unity alliance.

During its early years the PPC was a strong opponent of the military regime of General Juan Velasco Alavarado.  In 1978 the PPC fought in the elections for the Constituent Assembly and came second with 23.79% of the votes and in the 1980 general election the PPC won six senate seats and a number of deputy seats. 

In 1985 the party did not do well and took up a few seats in both chambers and in 1990 joined a coalition with Popular Action (AP) and the Liberty Movement to form the Democratic Front (FREDEMO).  They did not make a breakthrough in the presidential election but did succeed in getting 25 deputies elected.

In 1992 the PPC was split as to whether it should get involved in the polls for the constituent assembly.  In the end they were involved and were the second largest party.

In 1995 the PPC supported the candidacy of Javier Pérez de Cuellar but did not put up its own slate of candidates having withdrawn its ‘inscription’.

In 2001 the PCC became part of the National Unity coalition and again they fought under the National Unity banner in 2006.

Along with the Alliance for Progress, Humanist Party and National Restoration, the PPC is supporting Pedro Pablo Kuzynski in the 2011 presidential election.

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