Minor Parties

Published 25th March, 2011
  • Alliance for Progress (Alianza para el Progreso). In the 2006 general election the party won 2.3% of the vote but no seats in congress.
  • Always Together (Siempre Uniodos)
  • Fonavistas of Peru (Partido Fonavistas del Peru) – Their 2011 presidential candidate is José Ñique de la Puente. Website:
  • National Awakening (Partido Despertar Nacional) – Their 2011 Presidential candidate is Ricardo Noriega. Website:
  • National Co-ordination of Independents (Coordinadora Nacional de Independientes)
  • National Force (Partido Fuerza Nacional) – founded 1998, recognised 2001. Their 2011 presidential candidate is Juliana Reymer
  • Radical Change (Cambio Radical)

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