Peru Possible

Published 25th March, 2011

Peru Possible or PP was formed in 1994 by Alejandro Toledo and was known originally as Possible County (País Posible).  It describes itself as a centralist liberal party.

In the 1995 presidential election Toledo took just over 3% of the vote.  In 2000 Toledo came second to Alberto Fujimori in the first round of voting but asked his supporters to cast blank ballot papers in the second round.

Subsequently Fujimori resigned and fled the country and in the 2001 elections Toledo won in the second round with 53.1% of the vote.  In the same election PP won 26.3% of the vote and took 45 of the 120 seats in the congress, making it the largest party.

Toldeo was not able to stand in the 2006 election and the PP presidential candidate, Rafael Belaúnde Aubry, was withdrawn from the race. Peru Possible took 4.1% of the vote and 2 seats in the same election of that year.

PP is supporting Alejandro Toledo in the 2011 presidential election along with We are Peru and Popular Action.

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