Popular Action

Published 25th March, 2011

Popular Action or AP is a centrist and social liberal party which was founded in 1956 by Fernando Belaúnde Terry.

The AP was successful in winning the 1963 and 1980 presidential elections with their candidate being Fernando Belaúnde.

In the 1985 elections Belaúnde lost and AP did badly gaining only 6.4% of the vote.  In 1990 the party was part of the FREDMO coalition but did not do well.  In the April 2001 elections the AP took 4.2% of the vote and 3 seats in the 120 seat congress.

In 2006 the AP joined forces with the We are Peru and the National Coordination of Independents parties under the Centre Front (Frente de Centro) coalition.  Collectively they took 7% of the vote and 5 seats.

In the 2011 presidential election AP is supporting Alejandro Toledo along with Possible Peru and We are Peru.

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