Cabinet of Peru

Martin Vizcarra Vice-President and Minister of Transportation and Communications
Fernando Zavala Chief of Cabinet
Alfredo Thorne Minister of Economy and Finance
Gonzalo Tamayo Minister of Energy and Mines
Carlos Basombrio Minister of Interior
Marisol Perez Minister of Justice and Human Rights
Mariano Gonzales Minister of Defence
Elsa Galarza Minister of Environment
Jaime Saavedra Minister of Education
Patricia Garcia Minister of Health
Ricardo Luna Minister of Foreign Relations
Eduardo Ferreyros Minister of Trade
Jose Manuel Hernandez Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
Bruno Giuffra Minister of Production
Edmer Trujillo Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation
Jorge Nieto Minister of Culture
Cayetana Aljovin Minister of Development and Social Inclusion
Alfonso Grados Minister of Labour and Promotion of Employment
Ana Maria Romero Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations
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